How to Make and Send Short Video Messages on latest update in WhatsApp

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WhatsApp now supports instant video messages.

  • In the next few weeks, the feature will be made available to all users.
  • It will be available for iOS and Android users alike.

On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg revealed a new WhatsApp feature to let people interact more simply. The Meta CEO introduced the Video Message function, which will allow them to make and share short, personal movies right in the WhatsApp Chat.

While WhatsApp’s Video Message feature is now available to all users, the firm notes that it will be available to all users in the coming weeks with further software updates. Once enabled, video messages will allow users to respond to chats in real time within 60 seconds. Similar to Snapchat, the films will be shorter and more conducive to dialogue than the platform’s standard video function.
Meta claims in a blog post that video messages are a “real-time way” to respond to discussions with whatever you want to say and display in under 60 seconds. “We think these will be a fun way to share moments with all of the emotion that comes from video, whether it’s wishing someone a happy birthday, laughing at a joke, or bringing good news,” the post continues.

What is the best way to send video messages on WhatsApp?

  • Open WhatsApp and start a conversation with the person to whom you want to send the video message.
  • Next to the text field, tap the microphone symbol.
  • The microphone icon will be replaced by a video camera icon. To begin recording your video message, tap the video camera icon.
  • To record your video message, hold down the button.
  • You can also lock the recording to keep your hands free by swiping up.
  • Release the button or slide down to stop recording.
  • Your video message will be delivered to the intended recipient.
  • When you open a video message in a conversation, it will automatically play on mute.
  • Tap on the video to start the sound.

Unveiling the New Feature

Amidst much anticipation, WhatsApp’s new feature has finally arrived, promising to redefine the way we interact. This feature is a seamless blend of convenience, creativity, and connectivity, designed to cater to both individual users and businesses alike.

Seamless Integration

One of the standout qualities of this new feature is its effortless integration into the existing WhatsApp framework. Users won’t have to navigate through complex menus or undergo a steep learning curve. Instead, the feature naturally complements the app’s current layout, making it a user-friendly addition.

Enhanced Security Measures

WhatsApp has always prioritized security, and this new feature is no exception. Robust end-to-end encryption ensures that every communication, whether it’s a text message or a video call, remains private and secure. This commitment to safeguarding user data sets WhatsApp apart in an age where privacy is a growing concern.

Empowering Group Interactions

Group interactions receive a significant boost with this new feature. Users can now collaborate seamlessly within a group, sharing documents, images, and ideas effortlessly. This not only simplifies group projects but also fosters a sense of community among members.

Embracing Business Communication

WhatsApp’s new feature isn’t just for personal use; it’s also a powerful tool for businesses. From customer support to product launches, businesses can leverage this feature to engage with their audience in new and exciting ways. Real-time interactions create a bridge between customers and brands like never before.

The Human Touch in a Digital Era

In an era dominated by technology, maintaining the human touch is essential. This new feature allows users to convey emotions more vividly, with enhanced stickers, GIFs, and expressive emojis. It’s a reminder that even in the digital realm, our interactions are grounded in human experiences.

Stay Connected On-the-Go

With the new feature, staying connected has never been easier. Whether you’re on a bustling city street or in a remote village, as long as you have an internet connection, you can be part of the conversation. This feature transcends geographical boundaries, fostering global connections.

The Impact on Privacy

While connectivity is crucial, so is privacy. WhatsApp’s commitment to end-to-end encryption ensures that user data remains confidential. The new feature maintains the same level of privacy, ensuring that users can communicate without compromising their personal information.

Sparking Creativity

Creativity finds new avenues of expression with this feature. Users can create and share personalized GIFs and stickers, infusing their conversations with their unique style. It’s a way to make communication not only informative but also entertaining.

Emojis Reimagined

Emojis have become a universal language of sorts. With the new feature, emojis are reimagined, allowing users to animate them and add a dynamic flair to their messages. It’s a small touch that adds an extra layer of fun and emotion to digital conversations.

The Global Outreach

WhatsApp’s influence knows no boundaries, transcending languages and cultures. The new feature embraces this diversity, offering translation options that break down language barriers. It’s a step towards fostering meaningful connections between people from different corners of the world.

The Future of Communication

As we step into a future shaped by technology, WhatsApp’s new feature offers a glimpse into what communication could become. It’s a blend of convenience, security, and creativity, all working together to enhance the way we connect with one another.


In a world where communication drives progress, WhatsApp’s new feature is a beacon of innovation. It effortlessly weaves together convenience, security, and creativity, setting the stage for a new era of digital interaction. As we embrace this feature, we embrace the possibilities of a more connected and engaging world.


Q: How do I access WhatsApp’s new feature?
A: Simply update your WhatsApp application to the latest version, and you’ll find the new feature integrated seamlessly.

Q: Can businesses use this feature for marketing purposes?
A: Absolutely! Businesses can utilize this feature to engage with customers, provide support, and even promote their products or services.

Q: Is the new feature available in all countries?
A: Yes, the new feature is rolled out globally, ensuring that users from various regions can enjoy its benefits.

Q: Will using this feature consume more data?
A: While data consumption may increase slightly due to additional multimedia elements, the impact is minimal and shouldn’t be a major concern.

Q: Can I customize the animated emojis?
A: Yes, you can personalize animated emojis to match your style and add a touch of creativity to your conversations.

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