Top 10: Insightful & Innovative Fintech Blogs

Some of the best blogs, according to Fintech Magazine, offer insightful information, updates, and education on the rapidly developing field of fintech.

Together with delivering product updates and general education, blogs are an excellent platform for businesses to impart knowledge about their relevant industries. The authors of fintech blogs, in particular, frequently have backgrounds in both finance and technology, giving readers a platform to learn more about the top financial institutions, businesses, and fintech trends.

There are blog resources available that claim starting a finance blog promotes higher reader and consumer trust. In light of this, FinTech Magazine takes into account some of the top fintech blogs that offer their readers the most recent business information and products.

1. News about Bank Automation

Bank Automation News has been at the forefront of observing the development of online banking since 2009. Its coverage offers analysis and knowledge that aid and counsel business executives on technological solutions. Its fundamental tenet is that if banks are to continue competing, they must start to change their priorities.

The goal of Bank Automation News is to educate readers about this rapidly developing area of financial services technology. The newspaper welcomes contributed pieces authored by industry professionals that address concepts, trends, and best practices related to automation technologies in banking in addition to its own content.

2. Online Fintech Finance

Fintech Finance provides options for advertising and promotion to promote marketing initiatives, brand development, draw attendees to events, and reach out to new prospects. The site offers insurtech and fintech articles, event coverage, and a podcast on current fintech issues.

The newspaper also collaborates with well-known leaders in the field to offer guidance on cutting-edge fintech trends and technology to influential decision-makers around the globe. Its goal is to give readers the information they need to make better decisions.

3. Marketplace ATM

Since 1997, ATM Marketplace has provided news on ATMs and payment services by covering significant stories, occasions, trends, and industry figures. The ATM Marketplace blog features articles on a variety of subjects, including security, cash management, and artificial intelligence, to mention a few.

The publication offers predictions and forecasts for the current year, 2023, in addition to current business news. It has looked at how the use of fintech services has grown after the COVID-19 outbreak and how these trends can most effectively benefit users.

4. Blog for Accenture Banking

Global professional services provider Accenture has industry-leading expertise in digital, cloud, and security. To take advantage of the digital opportunity, control risk, and increase profitability, the organization collaborates with banks and payment processors.

In the company’s blog, industry experts who frequently work for the business write about their areas of expertise and how the sector may best serve its customers. Fintech issues include BNPL, effective integration of fintech services, and how organizations can benefit from the growth of fintech.

5. Finovate

The Finovate blog has been keeping up with the most recent advancements in fintech, financial services, personal finance, banking, and investment management since 1994. The site frequently offers the most recent information from the financial industry, including fintech alliances, SaaS, and coverage of events like its own FinovateEurope.

The latest news in the world of fintech is provided to readers. Also, it offers a podcast that expands on the concepts covered in blog posts. The podcast features interviews with bankers, analysts, and fintech innovators to discuss the future of fintech.

6. Bussmann Advisory blog

The blog of Bussmann Advisors presents its analysis of the fintech and blockchain sectors, with an emphasis on where the sector is going and what trends to watch out for. Its blogs are well-known in the sector and have been highlighted in Forbes.

The blog discusses topics including technological advancements, chatGPT-style artificial intelligence, and digital transformation in the finance industry. Also, it provides resources on how established businesses are utilizing the most recent advancements in fintech as they expands.

7. Fintech Operating System

By demystifying financial technology for its audience, FintechOS seeks to make fintech innovation accessible to every business. The company, a top fintech enablement platform, announced a number of successes in June 2023, including a 70% YoY rise in overall revenue and a 200% YoY increase in cash-in from customer operations.

The company blog serves as a resource that discusses how crucial it is for companies to integrate technology into their plans as well as how fintech may help to address these problems. It covers news on larger organizations as well as small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

8. TechBullion

TechBullion is a fintech news website with a location in London that focuses on both current events and worldwide fintech news. A wide variety of content is available on its blog, including press release distribution, content creation and promotion, blockchain technology, financial services, and international technology companies.

Its fintech information contains details on careers, investors, and fintech businesses. The material covers subjects including which fintech investors to use if the reader has a startup company and CEO perspectives on the sector.

9. Techcrunch

TechCrunch is a prominent technology media outlet that specializes in profiling start-up companies, evaluating new Internet products, and covering breaking technology news.

The focus of Techcrunch’s fintech coverage ranges from breakthroughs at major financial institutions and disruptor banks to startups in expenditure management, P2P payment services, checkout tools, and the technologies that make them possible. It has authored posts covering businesses like Venmo, Monzo, and Klarna, to name a few, as well as organizations like Stripe and its most recent agreements.

10. Finextra

The primary independent newswire and information source for the global financial technology community is Finextra Research. It includes all key technological developments in capital markets, insurance, wholesale, and retail banking.

The blog features a wide range of fintech issues frequently published by CEOs and founders of businesses as well as subject matter experts. The use of fintech to influence the financial landscape of the future, how businesses may continue to adapt to an industry that is continuously changing, as well as paytech and financial data protection in conjunction with artificial intelligence, are some of the topics that will be covered.

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