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Salaar and Jawan : The Controversy ?

As both films prepare to hit theaters in September, interest in Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan and Prabhas’ Salaar is at an all-time high. Fans are already arguing over which superstar will win the competition in ferocious discussions on social media. Jawan and Salaar have emerged as two of the most eagerly anticipated Indian films of … Read more

How to do Video Marketing

If you haven’t already, you should launch a video marketing campaign soon. Video marketing has become more common recently as digital marketing strategies have overtaken conventional marketing strategies. One of the fundamental components of your business is video marketing. To assist you with the video marketing strategy, you must have the greatest resources and a … Read more

The Digital Economy of India and AEPS in the Future :

An Aadhaar number and biometric authentication are used in the “Aadhaar Enabled Payment System,” or AEPS, a digital payment system that enables financial transactions through micro ATMs. The AEPS system is intended to advance financial inclusion and offer fundamental banking services to people without access to conventional banking infrastructure. Customers can carry out a variety … Read more

Yashraj Mukhate’s song about the Seema Haider incident, “Lappu Sa Sachin”ūü§£ has gone viral.

Recall the woman who gained notoriety for her “lappu sa Sachin” tirade, in which she made reference to the international romance between Seema Haider and Sachin Meena? Well, music producer Yashraj Mukhate has now converted that outburst into a song of sorts. Since July 2023, Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman, has been in the news … Read more

CBSE 10th Supplementary Result 2023 is now available. the results of the CBSE Compartment in one place

The CBSE Class 10 Compartment results or the CBSE 10th Supplementary results 2023 have been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), giving students an opportunity to raise their marks and ensure academic achievement. HOW TO CHECK CBSE COMPARTMENT RESULTS To access the CBSE Class 10 Compartment results, students must follow these simple … Read more

The successful Entry of Chandrayaan-3 into lunar orbit represents a major accomplishment for Isro and the entire country. 

On August 1, the spacecraft finished its loops around the Earth and started traveling across the lunar surface to reach the Moon, a distance of more than 4 lakh kilometers. In brief,  While India prepares for a lunar landing in the coming days, Chandrayaan-3, its third lunar mission, has successfully entered the Moon’s orbit. The … Read more

How to Launch Your Own Branded Domestic Money Transfer Business

Establishing and expanding a domestic money transfer business can provide a number of benefits and alluring rewards. You can be sure that there will always be a demand for your product because money transfers are made daily from all sections of the nation. The satisfaction that comes from helping people meet their financial obligations is … Read more

18 Time Hacks For Busy Leaders To Reclaim Three To Five Hours A Week

Business executives who frequently find themselves juggling various tasks and commitments need to have strong time management skills. It is crucial for leaders to develop tactics that enhance production and free up more time The members of the Forbes Business Council are professionals with a wealth of expertise coming up with strategies to boost output, … Read more

Two Supermoons in August: Why it is a rare celestial event and how to watch it.

During a supermoon, the Moon’s apparent size in the sky can be up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than a regular full moon. Two supermoons will occur in August for the exceptional occasion. Astronomers will be able to more clearly study the Moon’s topography, geological features, and impact craters thanks to the event’s higher … Read more

Ind vs. Pak’s Icc World Cup 2023 match has been moved to October 14

The crucial India-Pakistan game in the 2018 ODI World Cup has been moved up a day to October 14. The program is likely to undergo a few more alterations since the official announcement is anticipated to be made on July 31. It has been decided to move the highly anticipated India-Pakistan group match from October … Read more